Do you have an image that’s print-ready? Using our cutting-edge, in-house printers, we can print your digital mural fast, then come to your space for top-grade installation. Simply send us your wall measurements or allow us to come visit your space during a consultation. Measurements will be used, along with your selected image, to ensure the closest rendering of what the final product will look like. We will provide a preview before printing begins, this way you can be confident in the design. After we print your digital wallpaper, we will either ship it to you or come install it ourselves based on your chosen service.



Do you already have a design idea for your space? Our goal is to translate your imagination into an image and onto your wall. So if you are inspired by an idea, but don’t have the exact image, there’s no need to worry. We can help you locate the perfect image, or our graphics team and photographers can design or capture the image you’re envisioning. We’ll guide you through the whole process based on your room, dimension, and expectations, then we’ll print and install your brand new digital wall mural.



Do you want a custom digital wall mural but are overwhelmed with the limitless possibilities? It’s hard to know exactly what you want with so many options, but that’s why we offer our creative help and expertise. We put a unique spin on design to opt-out of your average “cookie-cutter” look. We encourage boldness and think outside the box for you. Send us your wall dimensions or schedule a consultation so we can come take measurements, then we will start upgrading your space. You’ll still be the one making all the decisions, but we’ll make sure your design is completely personalized to you before printing and installation is completed. If you have more questions visit our faqs page.



Wallpaper is a great way to revamp any room with stylish and complex patterns. However, a wallpaper project can be a nightmare for those without experience or the right tools. Skip the hassle of doing it yourself, and utilize an expert to ensure the best results possible.

At Dallas Mural, we can install your wallpaper that you’ve already purchased elsewhere. Our installation service is fast, aiming for one day completion. Installation is usually scheduled for evening hours to not disrupt business workflow.

Pre-purchased installation is not guaranteed until we inspect the material and walls. For this reason, we will come on-site to examine the material and measure the width of the panels. Once we can confirm that all factors are suitable, we will work with you to schedule installation!

*Paste wallpaper starts at $5 a sq ft. Pricing may vary.