Return Policy


Can I get a refund if I’m unhappy with the finished product?
Unfortunately, our murals are non-refundable. Unlike most retail stores, we are unable to resell or package your item because it’s your custom printed art. When we produce a custom mural wrap, we incur hard materials and labor costs, as well as expenditures including shipping, tubes, paper and/or canvas materials, and ink. We pride ourselves in setting your expectations from the beginning of the project. Moreover, we help you understand what to expect before we start printing, based on the image that is either provided by you or sourced by us. Of course, if the error is on our end – bad coloring, banding, or other printing issues – we’ll resolve the issue by reprinting your image. This situation is rare because we work hard to get it right the first time, however, if the printing issues truly cannot be resolved, we will only then offer a 100% refund. On the occasion that you are simply unsatisfied with your custom printed mural, but you approved the project for printing, and there were no printing issues on our end, we are unable to offer refunds.

For more questions on our return policy, please contact us directly via email at, and let’s discuss your dissatisfaction.