First, fill out our consultation form so we can have a better understanding of what you are looking for. From there, we will evaluate the provided image to confirm its quality. We will keep in touch throughout the process, and reach out if we need more information from you. We are available to discuss details and answer any questions that you have about our mural material, your image, and the installation process through our contact details provided.
You can’t make your image any better than its current resolution. A good way to find out if your image will be good enough to make into a wall mural wrap is to zoom into it and see if it gets blurry. What it looks like zoomed in is what it will look like blown up, in essence.
The cost of a custom wall mural will depend on the size of your wall or space and the material you choose. For estimates, you can calculate the cost by using our mural quote tool or you can contact us directly.

You can order up to any size you want. However, the entire wall would be broken up into panels. Our printers can print up to 59″ (nearly 5′) wide or tall by 100 feet width or length, in a single unbroken sheet or roll. Our typical printing protocol, if you are going to be filling up an entire wall, is to print the wall in 59″ wide vertical strips at whatever the height of the wall is from ceiling to floor, just like you would be doing with wallpaper, but without the mess or hassle, of course.

If your mural needs involve large quantity printing, Dallas Mural can help you! We have done several “big job” projects with companies such as Frito Lay and Pepsico, which involved installing murals on entire office floors for each of the office rooms.
We are confident that we can meet your demands in a timely manner, with the highest quality of service, and work around your schedule to meet those corporate deadlines. If you have a unique pattern or image that you would like repeated or patterned like wallpaper, we can do that as well.

Our custom wallpaper rolls can be printed in any length in 59″ wide panels. If you need a more traditional 24″ roll, that can be accommodated as well. Just give us your copyrighted image, pattern, or branded logo, and we can turn it into custom wallpaper rolls.

Which one do you want to use? We have original Dallas skyline images for use, or you can source one from various sites such as shutterstock.com (our favorite), crestock.com, or your favorite image purchasing site. We also have talented graphic designers, artists, and photographers, if you desire a completely original image. Any image you send us implies that the image is copyrighted and legal for us to print.
We ship nationwide and offer free shipping on all of our orders. You can opt to pick up your custom printed mural wrap at our Dallas office location for a faster delivery time. All of our murals are trimmed down to the edge, wrapped in plastic, and inserted into a heavy-duty cardboard tube, then sealed off.
Depending on the size of the mural, we print them in single, unbroken 59″ by whatever length or width (up to 100 ft.) of our fabric peel-and-stick mural material. If you are installing a sideways banner that is under 59″ tall, we would install it in one piece all the way across. If your wall is 12’x 12′, we would print in 59″ wide vertical panels up to the 12 ft. you have in height, using 3 printed panels. When we print your image, we allow a 1-inch overlap in the print area so that when installing, we can match up the art and get the panels in perfect sync with each other. This allows the panels to blend seamlessly.
Unlike most stores, we can’t resell or package your mural wrap because it’s your custom art. Our goal is to help you understand what to expect before we start printing, based on the photo you provide us. If the error is on our end, such as bad coloring, banding, or other printing issues, we will resolve the issue by reprinting it. This situation is rare because we work hard to get it right the first time.

If you simply aren’t satisfied with your custom printed mural, but you approved the project for printing, and there were no printing issues on our end, we are unable to offer refunds due to the hard costs and labor involved in creating your custom mural wrap. Head to our return policy page for more information.

Yes, we do! We can special order other materials to satisfy your specific needs, such as high-gloss, matte, water-resistant, smooth vinyl, or even whiteboard material – for those wanting to write over the mural wrap. Square footage price for special orders varies from the standard $10.50 per sq. ft. cost.
Yes! We can install a transparent whiteboard or dry erase material that allows you to write over the top of the installed mural. This is recommended for those with kids that may get a little too adventurous, wanting to add their own touch to the design.