Our digital mural process is simple, quick, and efficient.

01 Consultation
First, fill out our consultation form, and we’ll then schedule a time to come on-site. During your free consultation, we’ll evaluate your wall(s) and take any necessary measurements.

02 Customize Your Design
After your consultation, we will begin image sourcing, rendering previews, and/or customizing your design. Once finished, we will provide you with a preview of what your design will look like on your wall. Final approval is needed from you, then a deposit will be collected.

03 Print & Install
Finally, we will print and install your brand new wall mural. After the installation is complete, we will collect the final payment.

We do everything in our power for a quick turnaround. Using our cutting-edge, in-house printers, we are able to print and install fast, compared to our competitors. Printing usually takes 1-2 days, and we aim to complete installation in one day. Installation is usually scheduled for evening hours to not disrupt business workflow.


Are you unsure about the quality of your chosen image? We recommend zooming into the image using Photoshop or any other image editing software you like. Then, dictate if the image is still clear. If the quality isn’t “perfect,” there’s no need to worry just yet. Murals that don’t begin with a high-quality image can still look great on the wall, so if you’re determined to use a specific image, we can make it work in most cases.

We still require you to send us your image in its original state, so we can evaluate the quality for ourselves. We’ll then determine if the image is high enough quality based on your desired print size. Communication is key, so you will be updated every step of the way, and we’ll offer suggestions and recommendations for how we can best work with the image. If the image is not salvageable, our experienced graphic designers and photographers can image source your vision. If you have more questions visit our faqs page.


Textured Fabric is the best solution to hide a wall’s inconsistent texture. This textured fabric has a thick, classy look and feel to it. If you have your heart set on a specific texture, we can special order what you’re looking for, whether that’s a leather look, canvas, stucco, etc.

Vinyl material is more traditional and is used in many malls, restaurants, and public indoor areas where there is heavy traffic. The material has a smooth surface and appears matte. All of our vinyls come with lamination to ensure ease of installation and longevity on your wall. Short-term application vinyl (paint preserved) is available upon request.

Frosted Covering is vinyl material that is often used for privacy in office spaces. Frosted covering is usually fully covering windows or in horizontally sectioned pieces. The material isn’t fully opaque, so you can see through it, but objects appear like blurred silhouettes.

Brick Wrap Vinyl is used for indoor or outdoor installation covering brick, stone, or materials containing mortar. This material has a heavier bond, but also stretches so it is able to conform tightly into grooves. Lamination is recommended for outdoor spaces to protect the mural from rain or UV damage.

Not only can we install our custom, digital murals on walls of all types, but also on ceilings, over outdoor signs, welcome entrance mats, life-size cut-outs, old canvas paintings, doors, small cubicle partition panels, hallways, and floors. Whether the texture of your surface is rough, coarse, or extremely bumpy, we have no problem with the application of one of our mural wrap materials.

Die-Cut Decals, Clear Coat Over Glass, Custom Decals, and Silhouettes.

*Disclaimer: Price will vary depending on material used.